Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Victory Party

I'm in a victorious mood today. The election is over and the Tea Party did quite well.
Forgot to take pictures at the Victory party last night, so I donned my celebration 'Stars and Stripes' shirt again today for a Good Memory layout.

It's still an uphill road we travel trying to turn back all the socialist things that have been done to us against our wills this past couple of years. It will be difficult since we only have the upper hand in the House, while the Senate and President have a completely opposite set of goals composed of anti American, anti Constitutional restraints for us and our businesses.

But we are determined now. Our representatives will be representing us. How quaint is that?

Of course our president has already started his rhetoric about working with the Republicans. Right. By that he means to try bribes, threats, whatever it takes to get them to do what he says.

We are praying that our new office holders will remember why they are there and hold their ground. When you hear that the Republican party is the party of 'no', you might be right this time. There may not be much else we can do until we get the Senate as well. And of course we'd like a good president at the same time. But just stopping this train wreck will be a plus.

The last time we had a republican president, you will remember, he had a democratic congress who drove us into a financial mess. (Then turned around and blamed the president.) But then things didn't go completely crazy until this administration.

Keep positive. Celebrate.

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