Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mt Mitchell

What a blessing to look out over all the trees and see more beautiful mountains in the distance. Mountainair certainly is a lovely place to live. I'm glad it is within a days drive. Three of our children live at least twice as far away from their childhood home here in Ohio. It is so much easier to drive than to have to fly...especially now that they have imposed a body search that invades a person's privacy in such an ungodly way. It will be especially hard for a person like me who has had modesty drilled into her since early childhood.

And I wonder just how valuable it will be in actually catching those who would do us harm. In my opinion ( and that is why I'm here right now) it is just a cover for being unwilling to question those who might actually hold our country in contempt and wish our demise. They are generally quite easy to pick out in a crowd at the airport in most instances. And there are other tell tale signs that any government worth its salt would know.

Okay , let's say this disgusting scan/search does stop one who might be smuggling a bomb in his/her underwear/bra. There have been Muslims (not on airplanes yet) who stick explosives where the sun doesn't shine (a euphemism) . As Ann Coulter stated, that search is a job no American wants.

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