Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Soul Surfer

Friday night some of us girls got together for dinner and a movie.  We also checked out Robin's new place.   The movie was inspiring as it was a true story about Bethany Hamilton, a young girl who lost her arm in a shark attack.   Her strength came from our Lord.  It was refreshing to see her maturity and how well she did.

We were really in need of some quiet, just being friends time. And it was wonderful to take a little while out of our busy lives just for some 'friend time'.

Let's put those two thoughts together:  When was the last time you took some quality time away from your busy schedule to have some 'friend time' with our savior? He seeks a relationship with us and that takes regular meetings with him in quiet places.

You might say you can't get away where it is quiet. The key is having a mind that is not cluttered with other thoughts. It is easier in a still place, but if necessary, you can  do it anywhere.  God understands and will help you.

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