Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Confirmed Dead

I'm glad to report that this layout has nothing to do with Osama.  This is our lovely granddaughter, Leah. The picture was taken in St. Augustine, FL in March.

Now that she has her college diploma, she'll be stepping into a new phase of her life soon.  She has been accepted into acting school in New York, her favorite city.  We are confident she will do as well there as she has in the past.  She puts so much into everything she  does.  May God bless her in all she does.

Now for the breaking news: Osama bin laden has been confirmed dead.

You know he wasn't invited to the British wedding this weekend...and neither was our president, nor his wife.  The leaders of Bahrain, Swaziland and Saudi Arabia ( countries that have serious human rights issues) were asked to attend, but for some reason, the Obamas didn't make the list.

I guess Barak has succeeded in making us less important in the eyes of the world.  Of course it could have something  to do with the lack luster 'gifts' he gave the queen when she visited him.  Some people are soooo touchy!

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