Saturday, April 30, 2011

Simple Life of a Little Boy

Caleb visited the 'farm' and had a great time.  You can see he really got into 'driving' the big red tractor. I'm pretty excited about him coming to see us soon.  He will love his grampa's red tractor.

Look at that fellow go.  It wouldn't be right to call him a toddler anymore. What a  big stride he has.

Well I suppose if you've been awake today, you've probably heard that the Obama birth certificate is a fake.  It is just too obvious to those of us  who use Photoshop.  What were they thinking?  Of course it could just be buying them time or covering for something even worse they are about to do.  If we keep our attention on this, they'll submerge us even further.

Who knows the mind of the devil?  All I've been told is he is evil and devious. He lies and tempts us with what we shouldn't have.   May God shine His light over the earth so that we can see what we should see.

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