Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sunday Lunch

After church Sunday mornings lots of people go to lunch.  Not so many still fix 'dinner' at home anymore.
Several of us couples like to go to nearby restaurants for a simple lunch.  We were tiring of the same three places every week.  They were good, but we needed a change. Then we accidentally found that we could get a 'private' room at Olive Garden.  We hadn't been going there because we thought it would always be full and we would have to stand in line. And we knew of only two big tables there. But it so happens that we get out before many of the other churches, so we can just walk in ahead of the Baptists and Methodists ...and so far have always been able to get that special room all to ourselves. It is a good big table where we can all see each other and talk, talk, talk.  

As I've written on the layout, most of us get the soup and salad.  It comes with freshly baked bread sticks.  The salad is wonderful and we have a choice of soups.  I always get the Pasta Fagioli.  Phyllis, however, has a hefty appetite and a God given gift of great metabolism.  She always orders big scrumptious looking dinners. One day I want to be like Phyllis and eat all I want.    

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