Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Lauren is pretending to be her cousin Leah.  She went to visit Leah in Florida on spring break and they both thought it would be funny if she dressed in one of Leah's outfits, since they are so different and dress in completely opposite ways.  The actress in Leah leads her to dress for the pizazz...like the star she is. But Lauren in conservative.  While Lauren can pose  well, and looks cute, I don't think we'll be seeing her wearing anything like that again.

Speaking of pretending.  Have you noticed our president has gotten the clue and now knows which way the people are moving, and he has decided to get reelected, he must appear to be reducing the debt.  Yes, right....the same one who just ran up trillions by overspending in every direction.   Oh, and the $38 billion they cut the debt  a few days ago... mere pennies when compared to the debt that has been incurred since 2008.  As a nation, we are now accruing  $38 billion in debt every 2 and 1/2 days!  So, since we saved that much, we have gone in the hole 38 billion more  and then some.

 Do you realize that a trillion is a million millions?  It is a thousand billions.  So if we spend 2 trillion dollars (which we don't have), that would be 2,000 billions. That makes saving 38 seem pretty insignificant.

If you learn by seeing, take a look at this 'picture' of a trillion dollars:

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