Monday, April 11, 2011

Eagle Cam

There are several cameras nationwide watching eagles nests. I was watching one, in Virginia I believe, earlier this year and found it disconcerting when only one egg hatched. Then the mother left that one small baby alone for what I thought was way too long, I was very uncomfortable about it. When I checked back and the nest was empty, I quit watching.  I really don't want to know what happened.

So when a friend recently sent me a link to this site in Illinois, I hesitated before I looked at it. With a little prodding, I began checking it once in a while.  Now I'm hooked. I am addicted to Eagle Cam. For long periods of time, I can sit here and watch the eagles in their nest, high in a tree.  Because I was watching once when the camera swiveled and showed the surrounding countryside, I know it is across the river from a beautiful horse farm. A paved road runs along one side that brings people eager for a glimpse of the regal birds.

The mother takes very good care of the little fluffy eaglets. Sometimes the father soars in and takes over for a  short time while the mother flies off to find a large fish or other treat to shock the nest with food.  Before, the father would leave when she returned.  But yesterday, they were both there big happy family, for quite a while.

The babies are growing so quickly and are even showing some sibling rivalry.  God's creation... LIVE...24/7.

If you would like to look for yourself, Her is the link:

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