Thursday, April 28, 2011

Defy Gravity

Greg captured Aussie's jump Saturday April 2. Cool picture! As a grandmother, I'm just wondering how close he was to that wall. I'm not over protective or anything, just, oh well.  He didn't get hurt.

I'm not suggesting that any of you should go out and find a wall and try to defy gravity (or jump off it)  but we do need to defy complacency.  If you are still not concerned about the state of our nation, I'm concerned for you.  The reality is, we are on our way out unless we pull in the reins on our government and take  back some of the powers they have usurped over the years. We must cut taxes and allow for private enterprise to make their way back.  We need to make it profitable for companies to make ends meet without seeking out workers in other countries who will work cheaper.  We must not expect more than a job is worth.  We have  over valued  our skills and work ethic.  It's time to go back to working hard without expecting the moon.

Gas hit another high here today...$4.15.  Drill Baby Drill

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