Monday, April 4, 2011

Strange Weather

I have family scattered all over the country, so on Wunderground I have my Favorite locations listed so that I can check all of their weather at a glance. Right now, it is 44 in Akron, OH, 45 in Antioch, TN, 43 in Fort Collins, CO and get this, 72 in Oxford, PA!  That's warmer than the 67 in Long Beach, CA and nearly as warm as Sarasota, FL at 75.9.  Burnsville, NC is 59.4.  I understand that a tornado went through Antioch. Our grand triplets were in their safe place and wearing helmets for quite a while. I'm so glad to live in OH!

The snow we are supposed to get will undoubtedly melt as it hits the ground, but it is still going to fall.

I'm dragging out a  picture from my childhood album when my mom took me out in the snow without a coat  to get a picture. I don't look cold, but I can't imagine me doing that now, unless it was 'spring' like it is here now and it wasn't so very cold.  The sun would have felt good, but by the look of the sky, the sun was hiding.  Oh the things I lived through for my mom's need for pictures. Evidently it didn't bother me.
However, It never entered my mind  to  take similar photos of my kids.

I enjoy noticing the strange twists in the weather from day to day and place to place.  But I never worry about it.  There are natural cycles in those weather patterns that have always been.  I remember in the 70's when we were told that we were all going to freeze to death.  After some pretty warm years, we are going back to cold.  All is part of God's wonderful plan. He knows, better than we, what this planet needs to sustain itself.  So I don't worry about it.

And for those who say God doesn't exist, I offer a quote from the Bible, Psalm 14:1  '...The fool says in  his heart, 'There is no God.'  They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good."

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