Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fading Memories

Another page from my childhood book.  I'm hoping to complete the book through 1949 tomorrow or Monday and publish it at

In this layout I'm wearing the same dress that I wore in yesterday's blog. To read the journaling on the page just click to enlarge it.

It is sad that I can't remember more details about my youth; but I think all those memories got crowded out by the minutiae of daily living over all these years. One thing I still remember clearly is the steep climb up that hill behind our house that led to my school and Main Street where our bus stop was.

Check out the cars in the bottom picture. I suppose since those cars are now antiques, so am I.  I might as well admit it anyway. The many lines on my face shout it to the world daily.

We were always taught that age brought wisdom. Of course now, the tide has changed.  Respect for the older generation with all their life experiences has some circles to zero. It is sad when those who really don't know what it is all about stand on the rooftops and in Washington and shout over us, as if we are quite stupid. If they  could only see how ignorant they appear.

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