Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's All About the Cross

I really like the tradition at the church the triplet's family attends. Each Easter the people take individual flowers to decorate their cross. It is beautiful and makes a lovely backdrop for pictures.  And the kids  enjoy being a part of  the celebration.

It is all about the cross. Easter Sunday is the celebration of Christ's rising from the dead.   He died a cruel death, but he arose to give us  promise of eternal life.  It is a wonderful comfort to know that no matter how bad things may get here on earth, eternity will be paradise with Jesus our Lord and Savior with God in Heaven.   Just thinking  about this promise makes me want to break into song. And How Great Thou Art comes to mind. 

Carrie Underwood sang that very song on CBS Friday night. If you missed her there or if you just want to listen  over and over again as I do, click on this link: Carrie Underwood Sings Oh Lord My God

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