Friday, April 8, 2011

Wake Up Green Thumb!

I took this picture today at what we use as the main entrance. It is an absolute mess after this past winter of snow, snow, snow.  The tulips are coming up quite well even though I have done nothing to pave their way. Everything is green and growing quickly, including the many, many weeds that have already shown their will to make my flower gardens their own.

I really need to spend a few days weeding, etc. But there are so many things on my agenda this month.  Tomorrow, I may devote a few hours, anyway,  since it is supposed to get up to 70 degrees here.

It makes sense to start early on these duties, but I just have not been able to do it.

It doesn't make sense that the Democrats who are always wanting Republicans to compromise, won't give at all on the budget to keep the government going...and  paying  our troops , especially those who are fighting for our country right now; unless it's all because Harry Reid wants Planned Parenthood to be around and available in case his grandaughter ever needs an abortion!  

Even if they were to pass this budget, however, the cut  is not nearly enough to help our situation.  We need to slash trillions of dollars.  Billions sound like a lot, but not when one considers how many trillions we've increased our spending in the last year and 1/2.

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