Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trying Something New

Hate to admit it, but I started this layout just to try a new technique I saw in the Scrapgirls newsletter this morning. I liked the idea of punching out to show dimension, but I really wanted to do something different with it.  I had already started a page with just this picture of Ashley, so I took it from there.  I love the results...of course, I love Ashley much more than that. I'm hoping she enjoys seeing this layout online.

The paper and elements I used are part of the Scrapgirls' collection Be With You by Brandy Murry.

I need to take some extra time off to pray tonight...lots of dear friends with hurts and needs. I'm praying God will help me know how I can help in each case.


  1. Very pretty. I told Ashley to come look at this pretty girl. Not able to take a compliment well she said, "Oh it's you." I said, "No". Then she said, "It looks like Kiki." She giggled so I think she liked it.

  2. Today, I put a picture of her on my desktop layout.