Wednesday, April 20, 2011

African Viloets

My dad was so good with African Violets. I just don't have that luck. I know it is because I don't have the right window. Although his faced the east , it had just the right light because there was a hill behind our house. He advised having light from a north facing window. The best I can do it to set this one under a skylight in the kitchen. It doesn't bloom profusely, but it does bloom during the brighter months here.  One can tell it is spring when it dresses itself  with these deep blue violet colors again.

I've seen a bright lady flower in the Republican party.  So much so that I'd like to see her on their  ticket in '12 for vice president. Her name is Michele Bachmann.  I have another person in mind for president. He is Allen West., Lieutenant Colonel, retired from the U.S. Army.  His parents instilled in him a very basic principle, love of God and Country.

Check here  to see more about him and his qualifications.

Paul Ryan needs to be in the mix somewhere.  He's brilliant.

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