Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

Am I misled or isn't it generally the woman of the house who is the shopper? In Hartville today we noticed many men who had found chairs and were 'resting' while their wives spent their money.  

On the other hand Ron, my husband, was the one on a 'hunting expedition'...He had searched the web for Carhartt work clothes for cold weather.  It was a 'shoot and bag it' trip.  He quickly spied the clothing department, found his size and tried them on over his jeans in the aisle. Okay, they were not his size...and neither was the next pair. But the third was just right. If you've ever been to Filene's Basement in Boston, you have the idea how that works. Then all of a sudden, there seemed to be an abundance of store employees in the area. I'm not sure they were used to such behavior and may have suspected he would walk out in those stiff things.

I had gone along willingly, tempted by dinner at the Hartville Kitchen next door to the hardware store.  It turned out, I only needed to help him hold his purchases. I really didn't mind too much and was able to snap a few photos for this layout.

Tonight I fell asleep watching what Ron thought was the best Superman movie ever. Don't think I've ever stayed awake for Superman. When I woke up, I decided to sit there for the news, which was quite a mistake.  Was this really happening or did I die and go to hell? What has happened to this world?  It was wild and crazy. They showed and talked about everything nutty...Miley Cyrus and her disgusting tongue, a mushroom festival in Colorado where there were many noticeably high on those mushrooms and Mary Jane, and then the new 'fun' craze of knocking out strangers with a surprise punch.  They even showed the painful thing misnamed Affordable Care.

It was a far cry from yesterday's Thanksgiving.

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