Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Snow

My layout pictures for  First Snow were taken on October 18th. It's been  over 3 weeks since they had their first snow of the season in Ft Collins, CO. Today we had ours.

It is especially pretty for a first snow. We had coverage...probably 1 1/2 inch of the perfect stuff...perfect for making snowmen. I would have liked to build one, but today was my cleaning day.

It was particularly fun to share for the first time. Maggie had not seen snow and she thoroughly enjoyed stepping in it and eating it.  My friend Jane's granddaughter built a snowman with her pop pop and joy filled her face.

 It's always enjoyable  to see the reactions of those who haven't really seen real snow. Our new minister at church , from Florida, having originally been from Tennessee, shard his little girl's reaction to the snow on her front lawn.

I took a few pictures of our yard, but have not yet made a layout, perhaps I'll never get around to it. So I'll just post them here now.

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