Friday, November 1, 2013

Popular Halloween Costumes 2013

It was interesting to me that Duck Dynasty costumes were the most popular ones for boys this year. It sure beats the 1st choice of girls, in my opinion.  As I heard one lady say at Curves today, "What kind of mother would let her daughter dress like Miley Cyrus?" I'm wondering the same and yet I know more and more parents cannot bear to say 'no' to their children these days. I've been trying to come up with a reason for that and many things come to mind...mostly poor advise from those who are so called experts.  Parents need to know that because we love these kids, we need to make rules to protect them, rules that are good for them. Our rules are not punishment, but good.

It's like our relationship to God, our Father. He set down 10 rules, commandments for us. None are just so we know he is the boss. Every one is for our own protect use from dire consequences. If you've always thought of the 10 commandments as something you just could not obey, read them again. Think about consequences  of breaking those rules. It is a much easier and pleasant life when you can use those rules to keep yourself out of trouble.  Once we realize that for ourselves, perhaps we can feel better about making rules that will keep our children out of trouble and on the right path to maturity.

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