Sunday, November 24, 2013

Is Neatness Innate?

Is neatness inborn, or trained?  Neatness has been a part of my life since I was in grade school. I did not get it from my mother, and my father was only moderately neat.

The first it made a mark on me was about third grade when my teacher said she could tell how neat our fathers and mothers were by the way we kept our desks. Well, I didn't want anyone to know that my mom was not neat, so that is when I started keeping everything in perfect order in and on my desk. That followed me home and I became organized there as well. I liked it and  continued until it actually became a problem after I was married and had four children and was teaching school. I worked so hard keeping things going well, that I overtired myself and started passing out in the classroom. I didn't go to a shrink, but my family doctor explained to me that I needed to let things slide a little. I had to have time for sleep. He made me stay home from school a week and I was not to do anything but rest and take a long walk every day. Extreme neatness was a hard habit to break, but I did it somewhat.

Now, in my 'old age', I've gotten a little slovenly...or at least disorganized in desk for example sports a variety of piles, some of which should definitely by trashed ASAP. It's just easier to shove them aside than to check each piece...

Okay, so now that I've told that secret...Tonight I got an email that equates me and the first lady. We both have longer ring fingers than index fingers. I had never heard of such a thing, but they showed studies that indicate women like me are not that feminine. They had a worse description, that I dare not even state...Cause it can't be true.  

I like better one study which stated that  women with longer ring that index fingers are more successful in life.

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