Monday, December 2, 2013

Bat Man and Cross Fit

This Cross Fit motto, Stronger than Yesterday, lends itself to the Bat Man theme for Halloween. There were lots of Bat Men and Robins. Superman was represented as well as other Super Heroes.  The first picture shows Lauren as Bat Man with her friend Brit as Robin when they ran the 5K. Then later Lauren became Robin.

I appreciate all the work that goes into this type of extreme fitness. I just pray that no one overdoes it and injures him or herself for life. 

Speaking of being injured for life. Looks like our healthcare system, the best in the world, is quickly being strapped down by a website that just won't work. It appears they should have hired some Americans, like the ones who work for Amazon, (or any number of American companies) to work on the website for Obamacare.  It would have been MUCH cheaper and the money would have stayed in the states. 

What do you expect from politicians who have never ever held jobs in the real world.  But then, ignorance is no excuse anywhere else.  

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