Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You Can't Hide

Maggie discovered she likes to eat snow. The first thing she wants to do now when she goes outdoors, is to run directly to a pile of snow and eat it. We do give her enough water, but it isn't as much fun, I suppose.  Since the snow was perfect for packing, I 'iced' a large cupcake in a planter in the courtyard.  If she could hide from me, I feel sure that she would want to hide behind something and stay out there all winter. The cold doesn't seem to bother her one bit.  Of course it can get much colder than it has so far this winter.

I say she could probably hide, since the government has not yet given her a cell phone.  There is method in that madness to make sure everyone has a phone, I suppose.  The NSA is using them to find whomever they wish and know whom they are calling...Of course they say they are only following Americans when they are out of the country. But then you and I know that policy can change from minute to minute. We don't need laws anymore...anything can and has been done by executive order.

I don't run with the kind of people who need to hide, but who knows when the  government might become a major enemy to the people and things might change.

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