Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cute Little Pirate

First, I got the smiling picture of Caleb with his face painted like a pirate.  I answered back, "but he is too cute to be a pirate"...then came the rest of the pictures.  I love it. But to me, he's cute no matter what. 

 I think he will be quite happy to see this pirate hat on his head...since he does not have one.

Tonight I was talking to Caleb's Aunt Chelle on the phone. After some discussion about how behind we both are at this Christmas season,  I told her than over the last few years, my brain  has changed from 1/2 left and 1//2 right to completely right. I told her that my scrapbook room, where I now sit is so messy, it looks like it belongs to Ron, her dad.  She laughed and so did he.  I told her it was driving me crazy. But then she told me that I can't be completely right brained...or I wouldn't care.  So I guess there is still some hope. I did throw out  a lot of old mail, catalogues and coupons today. Perhaps I'll find the top of my tables before 2014.

Well it looks like Cracker Barrel found out the tough way what they should have done. Today they announced they were terribly wrong and they screwed up by taking the Duck Dynasty things out of their restaurant shops.  They have returned them to their shelves. 

The management had been trying to appease the 2% of the population that doesn't like freedom of speech (unless it is their own) and they 'offended' 98%. They realized that was not a good move. I'm asking Ron to take me to Cracker Barrel sometime  tomorrow. It's okay, I'm willing to stand in line.

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