Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pirate Ship Park

While we have been very busy with Christmas activities, I haven't been in cinq with my camera. I'm not even thinking about pictures much of the time and am returning home without any records of the events.  So, here I am still working  on the pictures that  have been building in my files. Am I hopelessly behind? I pray that  I'm not, yet every day, I think it is getting worse.

We are still back in late September with Beth and Caleb  at the Pirate ship Park in Vail, CO.

I heard some very good news today.  My favorite president since Reagan, good old George Bush, is surfacing with a new cool following. Young people are falling in love with the real George. For years during his presidency, the press and TV maligned him constantly, calling him stupid,etc. 

All the while he was being slandered, he never got huffy or answered in any way. He just continued to be a great man who loves his fellow man and treats them all well. And like I stated...the young are falling in love with the real man they are coming to know.  His trip with the president to the Mandela funeral gave people a chance to see him in action. He also made a big splash with his letter consoling the player who didn't do his very best in football one day and lost the big game for his team.  

George is a real person, not an individual hiding behind a facade of babble designed to fool the people as often as possible. The left  can no longer blame all the terrible things that are happening in Obama's administration on George.

Go George. You are a godly man and we love you. 

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