Thursday, December 5, 2013

We Do Boring Well

Today was  a great day, but earlier this week, we had an overcast, dreary kind of day. Ron has been working himself to a frazzle recently and Monday was no different.   There is no way this could be pretty.  Work day, work clothes, flat tire and a gravel pit. But we did it. It is over. Mission Accomplished.

We all have bad days mixed in with some good. That is life. If you think some people's lives are all glory, you just haven't walked their path. Yes, of course some people's lives seem much easier than others and some people's lives are exceptionally horrid.  But no one escapes suffering on this earth.

We have done a 'good job' of sheltering a generation or more of 'kids' who have grown up expecting others to do for them.  They expect to grow up, buy a new car or two, a big new house, dress like fashionistas, etc without going through all it really takes to get to that place.

Now our country is falling apart because they have demanded more than they've earned and we are trying to give it to them and to anyone who can sneak his or her way across our borders.

We were taught at a very young age that money does not grow on trees, but many now believe it Washington DC.

Everyone, listen up...everyone needs  to do his or her best to pull their own selves through life. Don't expect me or anyone else to be able to do it for you.  Sound harsh?  Only to those who have not learned the hard way.  Those of us who've lived it, understand.

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