Monday, December 23, 2013

Caleb and Rado

Caleb and Rado are the best of companions.  And of course Rado likes to share vacations, rather than stay with friends. This year was no exception, especially as Caleb grew old enough to be a a true friend.

Christmas is coming and like most little boys, Caleb is looking forward to the big day...while enjoying many activities as the days go by.

Since Christmas is almost here, I finished up my grocery shopping today. I want everything to be fresh...but mostly, I just hadn't had the time before now to do it.  

I want to tell you how very pleasant it was to shop at Marcs, a grocery that is owned by northeast Ohio Jews.  Each person there wished me a Merry Christmas. Now, why is it that some other stores are bending over backwards to avoid using the word Christmas, when this IS a Christian nation. We as Christians do not insist anyone else worship the creator  God. If I were one of the minorities here, I would wish others a Merry Christmas  out of a loving heart. Don't we want to take joy is seeing others happy? As Christians we should.  I suppose if I were on the left, I would have to conform and be upset and nasty when anyone else was happy for a reason I didn't understand. It is sad.

As Christians we need to stand our ground and not cower to the wishes of those who do not serve our Father.

In a book called Jeremiah, which is in our Old Testament, a book written hundreds of years before  the birth of Jesus the Christ, it states in chapter 12, verse 17, "But if any nation doesn't listen, I will completely uproot and destroy it, declares the Lord."

Meanwhile, the Bible tells us to love others as we love ourselves.

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