Sunday, December 15, 2013

Train Ride in the Rockies

The baby Beth is carrying here  is now 5 days old. It doesn't seem  possible. For this gramma, it seems like he was born yesterday, but to his mommy and daddy, it has been a longer time measured by sleep depravation.  

It's late, it's been a very busy day and this 'old' lady is tired and ready to go to sleep.  Therefore I'll cut short my comments tonight. 

I was going to write about Dr. Ben Carson's comments on the Affordable Care Act; but at this time, it threatens to disrupt my sleep if I think about it any longer. How tragic it is that we've let this go so far. We have taken the best healthcare system in the world and torn it asunder. As Dr. Carson said, we are  in danger of making  doctors employees of  the state...they would no longer work for you with your ideals in mind. 

Many doctors have already taken early retirement or gone into other professions. Not only has the government  arranged to take away their freedom, but they have put into the law, provisions that are extremely costly to doctors in practice.  

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