Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Mother

Back to Mother's Day this year. I enjoyed making his layout of Chelle and the triplets. She had sent me the pictures with different filters or actions.  As savy as I'm supposed to be, I don't really understand the difference. I just dropped them here and there on the layout and was pleased. They lay like that though for weeks.  Today I picked it up and decided on a more arty look.  That's when  I lowered the opacity on the top photo of Mason and his Mom.

On a completely different line of thought. Have you read the Harbinger?  Tonight  we watched a video version of it. Wow! I never had considered the similarities between the fall of Israel and what could very well be the fall on the United States of America if we do not call on our God, mend our ways and seek Him diligently.  We have asked for it, and may very well be destroyed.

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