Thursday, June 26, 2014

Movie Star Dog

Lacking someone to talk to (lol), I talk to Maggie while I comb her out each day. One of the things I frequently call her is my little movie star dog. She looks so pretty with her little top knot and big eyes. Her hair is so silky, but it can't stay in place without constant combing knots. That makes her a little princess.  I tell her that this kind of beauty doesn't come easy. There is a price to pay.  

Well she had gotten tired of all the fuss and so did I, so we relented on our plan to never cut her hair. She has gotten a puppy cut since this picture  was taken.  To our surprise, she is still beautiful in our eyes. Don't worry, sooner of later, you will see her new look. It really isn't much different. She still has the tiny puff on top of her head.

Hoping that things start to look a little different in Washington. With all the unconstitutional things that have been done there in the last few years, one would think there would be a price to pay.  But instead of those who are pulling the punches having to step back and rethink their moves, they are continuing to soar away unchecked. We are the ones who are paying the price.  But today one of these tricks has been stopped...that being the appointment of officials to fill high level vacancies while Congress was supposedly  in recess, but not really. Today, the Supreme Court ruled to stop this practice. One for the Gipper!

Now, if we had a hundred years, perhaps we could put a stop to all the rest of the illegal things that are going on in the oval office.

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