Monday, June 16, 2014

Neither Caleb or Rado like to hear Oliver cry. I have to admit, it bothers me as well. It is so sad to hear him cry and not be able to do anything to make him feel better.

It is also sad to hear that  the Rio Grande Valley in Texas has been flooded with illegal immigrants who have crossed the  river from Mexico in the last eight months. There have been 47,000 children in the last eight months who have smuggled themselves across the river.  Most of the women and children seem to have been instructed to say they were escaping Mexico because they were afraid they would be killed by gangs. Do any of them get sent back? NO! once  they are across the border and they say they  were afraid, they  are pretty much retained about a month, then sent out to another part of the country.   Imagine us trying to keep up with so many children whose parents are still in Mexico, or  whose parents ware now hiding away somewhere, only hoping to be reunited with the kids.

We may all be very sad before long.

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