Monday, June 30, 2014

Playhouse Square Chandelier

Last month we went to Playhouse Square to see Jersey Boys.  We hadn't been to a play since last year when we dropped our membership.  The plays were getting very raunchy and I really didn't appreciate them. We held on for a while because we enjoyed being with our friends.  We would always pick them up on our way to Cleveland, stop at Creekside in Brecksville for dinner. Ron and I almost always shared a steak.  They have a  salad that beats all others, in my opinion. We would order an extra salad.

The middle picture here n shows the river as it was at that time after having lots and lots of rain this year.

The big surprise for us was the structure in the intersection in front of the theater. The picture shows it fairly well There was a gigantic chandelier. The whole area had been redone and looked fabulous, but I'm certainly glad we didn't have to miss that intersection. It was beautiful.

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