Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ride That Pig

Caleb is not afraid of anything...well I forgot spiders. It is a just fear. When it comes to pigs, he'll hop right on. Of course, the pigs are not too happy about it. If my trigger finger had been fast enough, I would have a picture here of Caleb flying through the air after being bucked off by this not so domestic pig. It didn't matter to the boy. He jumped up, dusted himself off and went back for more.

Rosemary, the farm owner, watched the show. She opens her farm often so that children can come and acquaint themselves with farm life. Her program is growing well. there were many, many kids there that day.  However, Caleb had the inside track, since he is a regular for classes as well as open 'house'.

He was the center of attention in many instances. Not only was I, his grandmother,\sticking close, but so was a professional photographer who confessed she likes to follow him around. He certainly makes a good subject for the camera. He would be a great model.

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