Saturday, June 28, 2014

Feed the Pigs

Caleb is featured today in these pictures from the farm. We were able to visit the farm with him while we were in Colorado and were able to meet Rosemary, who  owns the place.  We were very impressed by her farming abilities and her business acumen as well.  Perhaps it is her husband with the business side.  

These pictures were taken more recently after they had found chicken eggs in the horse barn.  They had no idea how long they had been there, so they fed them to the pigs.

It is hard to tell just how long the Muslims have been planning to make our country into a land of Sharia law, but we know that our president had been coached all his life by communists. How the two mix is an interesting question. In my opinion, they are using each other, even though they don't like each other's philosophies, just to beat us and throw us into ruin. Their plan is working day by day.

Our only hope is in the Lord. Praise Him today and ask that He restore our land.

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