Saturday, June 7, 2014

Down From the Mountaintop

This page is just a start. We are down from the mountaintop, back home in Ohio. It was a busy and fantastic trip.  There are lots of adventures to talk about. I'm so glad we were able to visit this part of our family and enjoy some cool things together. Hope to be scrapping (making layouts) in the next couple of weeks.  Wish I either had more time or were faster at it...but I'll have a good time reminiscing while I work.  

As you can tell, this picture was taken at the top of Pike's Peak. Although we were told it was 39 and the wind chill was 16, I was quite comfortable in my lightweight  3/4 length sleeve nylon jacket. All I can say is, they must have a strange way of measuring heat. There was still was somewhat dry and not good for snowballs...but we managed to make some for the picture.  

Ron was particularly looking forward to this since the last time he was here 67 years ago, he had a snowball in his hand.  Caleb is now 4 and sharing this time with his PaPa.

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