Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Special Baby Sitter

I know what you are thinking? You let a dog watch the baby?!?!?  Well, yes and no. There is no better. Rado is very attentive. His main priority is Julia's safety. He wouldn't let anything happen to her. Notice what I wrote on this layout.

Of course, we were right there all the time. We love Julia and we love Rado as well. As a matter of fact Rado was the first 'baby' in John and Beth's home.

I'm trying to think of something  good to say. This is one: Our life group met this evening for hot dogs, etc. We had a great time as usual. We read together and prayed together. Can't think of anything I would have liked better for my day...well maybe being with my grandchildren...but that is just not possible very often with them scattered around the US.

It is good to know others who are like minded, who know the truth (The truth will make you free).
We know good from evil and we all have a God who loves us and who has promised to take care of us....and He loves you as well. If you don't know him, pick up a Bible and start by reading the book of John...the fourth book of the New Testament. Yes! God is a loving God. God is love.

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