Sunday, July 10, 2016

Another Book Gone to Press

Just a few minutes ago, I finally finished the book it seems I've been working  on forever. The subject was the last trip we made to Colorado. We were not there even one week, but we took LOTS of pictures. When I started counting the number of photos and then the layouts, I realized there were just about enough to make one of my 100 page books...but not quite. Now I couldn't make a book with that many pictures of Caleb, Oliver and Julia and only a few of other people... So I decided right then it would just be a book about that vacation.  I believe it ended up 71 or 72 pages. I'm always trying to save money on the books; so I watch for sales and always make 100 pages, because that is the maximum they allow and the more pages, the better the deal.

Anyway, now that I've bored you with my penurious ways, I now have a book on the way to the print room.

I always have an introductory page and this in the one I came up with for this volume.  I ran into another problem while taking a picture for it.  When I switched from a desktop to a laptop computer attached to a large monitor, I lost the ability to sit here at my desk with the monitor and take selfies. I have to disconnect the laptop and use it. One thing better is, I can take it anywhere and have different backgrounds. However, I just can't seem to get that little screen on the right level to take a good photo. I'm always looking down at the screen. I've tried looking over the top, but it just doesn't come out right.  I took this one in June, around my birthday. I'm using it, because I couldn't get anything decent at all today. Of course I've aged a whole month since then. Perhaps that is the problem.

Thinking good thoughts is easy on a beautiful sunny day like this one has been. But tonight I want to mention how much I appreciate our God who has not kept us guessing what we need to do to please Him. He is the god of love and He has given us the Bible with all he expects of us...he wants a heart like his that is full of love for him and our fellow man. He sent his son the earth to live an example of that love.  Jesus is Lord.

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