Sunday, July 17, 2016

I really don't know where this wall is in Charlottesville, but I love the creativity. And I think Leah does love Charlottesville.  

Time is a blur for me. I can't remember how long she has lived there, but her mom and dad moved there some time after she finished college at Flagler College in St Augustine, Florida.  

They moved to Florida from here in Ohio when she was a little girl. They found that Florida was a good place to grow up after they found the International School in Pensacola.  The rest of the schools were so very inferior to the school she had attended here in Ohio.  Her neighborhood school, it was a very good area, had no books she had not already read. The IB school fit her well.

She really loved Flagler College and graduated in three years.  Acting and teaching those arts were her main interests. Leah lived in New York for a while.  She has been in several movies, but so far none have made it big...of course that is not because she lacks anything. This grandmother will tell you she is great.

Leah is very photogenic and I love making layouts with her photos.

After church this morning, we had lunch with a group of our friends with whom we had not gotten together for a while. It was great fun. Those relationships are a good thing. We bring out the best in each other. We were having a very pleasant day.

After lunch at home, I heard about the shootings that had taken place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana while we were at church this AM.

I walked into the TV room just as they were announcing that the authorities were about to speak on the subject.  I sat down and listened to the whole thing.  (A truly bad thing.) My heart was broken over the senseless killings of these innocent men and the devastation the families and friends felt. I began to tear up. It wasn't long until I was sobbing audibly. That's when our little dog came running into the room to soothe me. 

Dogs, pets, what a wonderful thing. They are so the opposite of these evil men. Their love is so selfless. She was able to bring a smile to my face, knowing there is still good in the world. 

Thank you God, for being the God of love and giving us pets to encourage us when all else is very discouraging.  We ask you, Father, to comfort all those closely involved in these grievous happenings today. I pray you help us bring law and order back to this nation. Protect us and keep us safe from our enemies. 

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