Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pokemon Go

I really like keeping up to date with my pictures. It is really difficult for me to do that these days, since I've gotten so slow. Today though I have an up to date layout. This picture was taken last night at Centennial Park, in Nashville, of the Pokemon search sights. I'm not completely up on this yet, need to read all the instructions, well I can't say need...since I won't be a participant...I just want to know enough to recognize it when I see it and understand enough to talk to the kids about it.

From watching our own family, we would have to ascertain that everyone is into Pokemon Go.  

This page is about the triplets search yesterday...they are already very experienced. I thought the funny thing about this is what Ashley said at the park..."I can smell the nerds." I think she may have overlooked the fact that she is there as well. However, from what I've observed there are far more people already hooked on this than just the usual video nerds. I know of some adults who are very interested. It is good they can blame their 'interest' on helping their children, especially when those kids are two years old. lol  Anyway, so far, it seems like a harmless activity which encourages  people to get off the couch. Can't be all bad.

I did, however, hear of some instances of crime involved. It can catch people unaware of their surroundings at times. So, if you are enjoying this pastime, please be alert to those around you. Some have been robbed, some have been molested.  Just a warning. As always sin is around you, more today than yesterday. It seems to be getting worse month by month, week by week and even day by day. 

As always, praying for our nation to return to God where there is peace and safety.

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