Sunday, July 31, 2016

Water Fun H2O GO

It is hard to believe that summer is about over for some kids across the states. I'm not sure when Caleb goes back to school. It just seems like summers grow shorter and shorter. Actually, I think they really are, in some parts of the country.  Since individual school districts still have the freedom to name when they will hold classes, there will be quite a bit of individuality there. I understand that the triplets have a couple of weeks off for fall break.  

Caleb is enjoying a double wide slip and slide their mom bought them. Glad there is no water ban there and that they can enjoy all this fun. 

Wasn't on the computer much today. Even so, I found a chart of 'facts' on FaceBook which were really cooked to make a particular candidate (party) look good. They were obviously faulty. I've been keeping up with these figures throughout the years, so I know these figures are lying. Of course, even if I hadn't kept up with them, I would have known just by looking around me. 

Why are people so gullible now?  Why do they believe anything those in power over them say? It floors me. They are taught these days to fall into line. When we were in school, we were taught to think for ourselves, to use our own brains.  That just doesn't cut it these  days. We need to line up and drink the kool-aid.

If you are one who doesn't want to make waves and so you just fall for all the PC hype, remember that the Jews marched to their death chambers. No thank you. I will stand up and be counted.

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