Friday, July 8, 2016

Family Photo

Family photos can be easy and sometimes they can be a real challenge, especially when attempted in  blinding sunlight. I am the one to blame. Instead of finding a place with the right lighting, I  tried getting one here simply because that is where they were.  But even with all the squinty eyes, I like the picture. I liked it well enough to add to my book...and post here.

Tim, one of John's brothers is visiting us now.  It has been nice, but I haven't been working on this  book as much as I should be. I did get this one layout completed.

I was out a short time today after getting my hair cut. I am embarrassed to say this and ashamed of myself, but each time I saw a black person, I felt some anger. I have never been like that at all and I don't want to be. If you have any problem with that at all, please pray with me that we will overcome it quickly. God made  all colors of people, and He gave them each  a  soul and loves them the same.
I am praying that we stop this division and pull together. A house divided against itself will fall...and I believe that is the reason those who are trying to divide us are doing it. They don't want to help one race above another, they just want the country to fail. We must pull together, black and white, yellow and red, male and female, rich and poor, old and young, atheist  and Christian..We are all loved by God.

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