Monday, July 18, 2016

Hard Work at the Lake

Many visitors say to me, I would sit out on the swing watching the boats go by for hours. The truth is, if you live here, there is work to do. It turns out there is lots of work. Not only does housework have to be done, but also the land has to have care. It is not a small lot and there is watering, mowing, raking, fertilizing. I could  go on and on. Weeds! I don't even  want to mentions them!  You get the idea. Unless one can afford to hire everything  done, one must either do it himself, or herself or it goes undone...that is not a pretty picture. 

Over the years we have been here, parts of the sea wall deteriorate and must be replaced. Ron has replaced those parts one by one. It is hard  work. This year, however, he had his Steiner tractor with all the attachments he needed. He rode it around...that made it more like fun.

The problem was, there were many things that had to be done by hand. Even though he does not want to admit  that he is getting old, his daughters know better. Later I will have another layout or two showing how they came to stay a few days and worked on this project with him. You would never imagine how these lovely girls would ever be able to do this hard work, but they did it. The wall was completed beautifully. 

Of course work around the property is not all that must be done. We will not let ourselves vote without being completely informed about every candidate. That is time consuming. Tonight we were watching the Republican Convention.  We watched  on TV the speeches, etc that are taking place not far from here in Cleveland. 

I hope that each of you is not just voting for  a certain party or what you've been told by friends or the TV.  I hope you are listening to both sides so that you can make up your mind independently. That is one reason you have a brain. Use it. Investigate to find the truth for yourself and then vote in November.

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