Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chinese Ornament

If you are of the 'Eastern' persuasion, you most likely will think this is a very nice ornament. You may even be able to tell me the story behind it. But sorry, to me it is downright ugly. That is just the way it is. I've tried to see it in a different light, but it still comes up looking the same, spooky. Let's put it this way, if I saw it coming up my sidewalk, I would run into the house, lock the doors and barricade them. Why would I want to hang something like this on a Christmas tree? I wouldn't. I guess that is why at our tacky Christmas Ornament exchange Friday night, Phyllis brought this as her offering. Why did I have to get it? I had the first choice. It was in a pretty box. That is why. Now that I have it, I would very much like to give it to someone who would appreciate it much more than I... actually anyone who will take it. Perhaps my loving grandson would do this for his grandmother. Stay tuned to see if he is willing to put it on his tree, and gracious enough to even thank me for it.

Correction: This tacky ornament story is getting tackier. I was mistaken. The ornament was given to me by Jane, who very tackily regifted it to me. It had been given to her two years ago by Phyllis. So we can technically blame Phyllis...and Jane for the ugly red dragon.

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  1. Absolutely! You KNOW he would LOVE it! Just send it here. I think it looks pretty cool. It's a Chinese Dragon. We will put it on our tree and be oh so proud of our Chinese lovin' boy!