Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter Rose

We all know the sayings "A rose by any other name..." and 'The last rose of summer". These roses are not summer roses. They bloomed much later. I will give them the name they deserve, winter roses. They are truly a hardy species...Knockout Roses. They have to be tough here. As you can probably tell, we are not truly gardeners. Not only do the plants look spindley, but there are still leaves laying on the ground around them. There will be all winter. Neither my husband nor I have what it takes to really work on the yard. Oh yes, Hubby mows the lawn and rakes (tractors) up loads of leaves. But there are always more. And they are not a priority in his mind. Since I'm not doing the work, I'll try not to gripe too much.

And besides, the economy and freedom grabbers hold my attention too tightly to concern myself with small things like leaves.

My motto will have to be ...focus on the beauty, but don't let the wolves jump in and steal it all away.

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