Saturday, December 12, 2009

ORU Christmas

The Christmas season has managed to slip up on several of us at ORU while others have been busy for days, or even weeks toting boxes up from the basement or other nooks and crannies and decorating in fine style. One of the husbands, recently retired, finally realized how much time and labor that goes into this display...especially at Jane's house, but in others as well. Right Sali?

There are just so many days to transition from Thanksgiving to the joyful celebration of Christmas. And think of all the shopping that must be done. And don't forget the baking. Is Jeff aware of that now as well ?

Many hubbies know the look of a bank statement in January, but do they know the hard work that goes into depleting those funds!

Some of us travel during the holidays and don't get excited about arranging angels and such. Some don't bake for various reasons. Some just wake up one day and it is Christmas...or so it seems. But we all love getting together for a party any time and especially amid all the hoop-la of the Holy Day season.

Last night was the big event of the year...our Tacky ornament Christmas exchange. Don't think anyone could top the things we bring for that. I have to say the bauble I received was the very worst. I will try to put a picture of it on the blog tomorrow. It is really, really bad... Maybe the fact that it is Chinese has something to do with it. I'm sure it is a very nice ornament there, but it certainly looks terrible on a Christmas tree.

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