Friday, December 11, 2009

Looking Forward

Looking forward to being with all these girls tonight. All will be there except for Kalai. She can't make it in from Texas. Sorry girl, the show must go on... But we will really miss you!

It is the night of our tacky Christmas ornament giving. Can't believe I had a hard time finding an appropriate offering this year. Generally there are lots from which to pick. I hit several stores before yelling for advice from the best place to find it, ORU. I had three leads in a matter of a couple of hours. I found mine at the first one of them. It is tacky, but it could be a lot more so. I'll put a picture on the blog later, but can't spoil the surprise for tonight. I'm anxious to see what the others have found.

After years of doing this, are we growing up, getting more serious, concerned about using our money wisely? I'm not sure, but we've already mentioned that perhaps next year, we will buy nice ornaments and donate them to a good cause or maybe give them to a new bride. I vote for the donation. I'm not sure a bride would like that idea very well. We have such varied tastes that the tree could end up looking tacky, because of the lack or coordination in color, style...

For all the colors in our personalities, we get along just great with everyone of us willing to tell anyone else what to do and when. Please tell me we don't have the same personality flaw as does our president who wants to force all to do his will.

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