Monday, December 14, 2009

Tacky Diceman

I promised this on Friday. It certainly is not something to be excited about. This is my tacky ornament for the gift exchange last week. It is the type of thing that one must apologize to the clerk for I have to let them know that my taste is not THIS bad. Bad maybe, but NOT THIS BAD. If you can't tell, it is a diceman. He has a top hat that is on a spring above his head. Not sure what he's holding in his hand. Of course none of this makes sense to me. Guess you have to be a big gambler to get it. Can't quite see it on my angel tree, or on the other one. It is decorated for children in pretty primary colors and sweet ornaments with animals and such. On what kind of tree would one put this? And WHO would buy it. I know. I know. I did. But there were others. It was not the only little diceman there. I wonder if the rest of them got homes. Perhaps we should send out a diceman rescue squad to round up all the pitiful little things and take them to a shelter somewhere out of the cold...then maybe they need cold. What do I know?

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