Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Brick

You may have thought this was about Eskimos and igloos, but it's not. It is about Buckeyes with security cameras that take video. It isn't a high quality picture; but it serves it's purpose. And when I'm reviewing the film ( whatever it is called now) or when I just look out the window and wish I had that shot, I can stop the 'tape' and have a 'still' pic. At 9:46 night before last, I glanced at a monitor and saw this picture with the brick pattern in the snow.
I love it. After more of the white stuff fell, the markings were gone and it was just a plain blanket, still pretty, but lacking the artistic appeal of the crisscross pattern.

This was the same day there was a record snow in Washington DC to 'welcome' back our august president who had been to Copenhagen (where these activists had endured another record snow) to sell us down the river, declaring that God is not in control of the weather, but we are and we are going to burn up the earth in no time. He and his socialist cronies plan to fix it by bankrupting our nation and sending even more of our hard earned money to foreign people who don't like us very much and want us to suffer. I'm sure God looked down and laughed as man insisted that the climate is changing and we are doing it. They have had to change their tune; because at first they were saying we are going to burn up the earth because it will warm 1 degree in a 1,000 years or some such rubbish. Those of us old enough to remember reminded all that only 30 years ago in the '70's the same people were holloring that we were going into an ice age. And even then they thought it was man who was causing the problem. Then God must have decided to make them look like the fools they are and started giving us record cold and snow. That showed quite well they didn't have any idea what they were talking about, but they just stated that we were having extremely cold weather because of 'global warming'. Of course that didn't fly, so they changed their mantra to 'climate change'.

No matter how many scientists say these statistics were all wet, these 'wantabe scientists' continue calling anyone who disagrees with their worthless theory names and trying to force them out of their jobs.

Recently it has been shown that they cannot prove one iota of their dismal assumption... through exposing emails that were hacked inside their 'scientific' community. But of course that doesn't stop those who are intent in shutting down our country to capitalism. They just protest louder. If they only knew how ignorant they really appear to those who have not yet been brainwashed.

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