Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Christian Nation

Our daughter, April, sets a fine table. We had 11 present and had to set up a second table, but she kept it beautiful. Her house lends itself so well for large groups. The sitting room opens to the foyer and so does the dining room. You can see Ron with his laptop across the kitchen and in the sun room.

Our nation just celebrated Thanksgiving, a holiday dedicated to thanking our living God for everything we have, including our very lives.

I can't help wonder if God still considers us a Christian nation, considering the fact that we've taken Him out of our classrooms and replaced Him with hedonism ... self gratification. Some of our newest laws are an abomination to Him. Even so, I choose to believe I live in a CHRISTIAN least that was the way it was founded and if we ever get back to our founding documents, we will be much more pleasing to our God who allowed us to come to this land where we could live in freedom to worship as we wish.

I say we urge God to take back this nation for His people. The government may be able to tie our hands, but our God is all powerful!

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