Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Horn Sheep

I am really going back for this one. Haven't had the time today to make a layout. I've just enjoyed what we thought was our son and his family's last day with us.

When we were visiting John and Beth in Colorado this February and were traveling in the Rockies, we came upon a line of slow moving traffic. It seems these big horned sheep were in the roadway. We were told they could ram our car if provoked, so what did I do? I stuck my camera out the window and took pictures, of course. This big ram seemed to be quite happy to pose, while his mate headed down to the river. I guess she was camera shy.

Due to a small problem, the 'kids' have two more nights here. Beth forgot her wallet at her mother's in Columbus, so she didn't have ID to get on the plane. Her dad and stepmom are bringing it to her tonight. The next flight open will be leaving on Thursday, It's an inconvenience for them, since they want to get back to work, but it is a present of more time with them for us.

I do have plenty more pictures that were taken today and yesterday, so you'll probably get to see another baby layout tomorrow.

As for opinions, the only one I can think of offhand is this: Hang in there and talk to everyone you know about needing to change our elected officials. This is no time to be put in a PC box or to clam up because you don't like controversy. Vote in November like your way of life depended on it ( BECAUSE IT DOES).

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