Friday, June 4, 2010

My Wish for a Reunion

It is wonderful to have the 'kids' come to visit. Tim is here now from Florida. Looks like he plans to stay the summer. Can't blame him. IT is terribly hot down there now. He is at a time in his life where he can choose to do that. He just has to close up his condo and head north. Wish it were that easy for us to go south in the winter, at least for a couple of months. I would choose January and February.

Next week, coincidentally the week of Ron and my birthdays, John and Beth will be bringing our new grandson to visit for a day or so. Now all we need is the other four kids to magically appear. It would be great to have them all together and get a family photograph made. Oh well, I'm just dreaming now.

Today's layout is a picture of John and Caleb made back when he was a newborn in February. I'm finally getting caught up with Caleb's baby pictures.

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