Monday, June 28, 2010

Life Group "Fun"

I have to admit that this was fun, although I'm getting leery about planning boat rides months in advance...not that it would have helped to plan it closer to the date. It was a beautiful day, bright sun, very warm. We gathered at 3:00 for our life group hamburgers and boat trip. By the time we had eaten and readied ourselves for the boat, there were clouds gathering. It was still nice right here though, so we started out with iPhone in Ron's hand to keep us abreast of weather conditions. Not very long into our water time, it turned into a real WATER time. We girls missed our warning until it was too late to return to the dock. We really tried. Hugh broke the 'no wake' rule and sped us toward our house. However, the storm caught up with us and about one half way across East Reservoir. It hit...and it hit hard. We were drenched. We landed and ran to the house for shelter and towels. We laughed a bit, took pictures and then everyone headed home for dry clothes. This is the not the first time this same group has had a bad weather boat trip at the lakes. Should we just give up and keep our feet on the ground? Or should we chance it again? I think some decided after the first chilling adventure to avoid the chance of this again. Will we lose more after this?

Guess we will find out in a few weeks.

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